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Over twenty-five years ago came the C.M.A. (Construction beekeeping material) along the channel of Casale Monferrato, an idea, a few means, a close-knit family and a great desire to create something lasting. The idea proved successful, the media gradually increased, the work and the commitment did the rest. Today the C.M.A. is a modern company diversifies its activities in beekeeping: joinery Casale, from where it all started, now working at full speed using a growing number of employees in order to better understand the needs of beekeepers has also proceeded to install apiaries and to get them directly in order to experience any material before producing it and put it on the market, the store offers then anything related to beekeeping and bee products and is not produced on the farm.

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This allows the company to continuously improve the products it offers to customers, keeping prices as low as possible.

C.M.A. where in the quality / price everyone will be satisfied as over twenty-five years is shown by the constant increase of customers.

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