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Variety 'of honey

miele di acacia Honey ACACIA

Native to North America has spread throughout Italy as weed. It has a very good potential melliferous and blooms between April and May. Table honey beloved for its delicate taste and not cloying. Great for sweetening without altering tastes and aromas. E 'recommended for diabetics because fructose light, but not too much: Particularly pleasing to children. Directions: according to the pharmacopoeia has invigorating properties, detoxifying the liver, anti-inflammatory for the throat and slightly laxative. Primarily used to fight coughs and colds is particularly suitable for purifying the blood and against stomach acid.

Physical State: Liquid and transparent
Color: Colorless, transparent to light yellow.
Odour: Slight
Taste: sweet and delicate
Crystallization: Very delayed, even years later, can not crystallize intorbidirsi but never completely.

Miele di castagnoHoney Chestnut

Indications: Cleanses the blood.
Recommended in all cases of poor circulation, prevents thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins;
Physical state: liquid Generally, a delayed crystallization;
Color: Amber to dark amber with reddish;
Odor: Strong, aromatic, pungent;
Taste: Strong, persistent, penetrating, more or less bitter by origin;
Crystallization: Delay when pure, compact and coarse if mixed with honey woods or meadows.

miele millefiori Millefiori honey

Indications: For the qualities mentioned above is particularly suitable for breakfast;
Physical State: Liquid or crystallized;
Colour: straw yellow to dark amber;
Odour: Mild characteristic;
Taste: Sweet and characteristic;
Crystallization: Slow and uneven.

miele di tiglioLinden honey
Directions: E 'an antispasmodic. Has a neurosedativa and antiseptic. Particularly suitable in febrile states and in case of nervousness, and insomnia;
Physical State: Liquid crystallization irregular;
Color: Light Amber;
Odour: Mild, characteristic of the flower;
Taste: Load, penetrating, persistent;
Crystallization: usually slow and irregular, often in large crystals.

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