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Processing of "royal jelly"

Produce royal jelly is relatively simple and cheap, of course, the cycle at a professional level requires considerable experience and commitment, but, taking into account that only 3% of those sold in Italy is produced in our nation is clear and evident that the market demand is remarkable.

  • Frames cue rack;
  • Fairings plastic or wax;
  • Aspirator for royal jelly;
  • Picking;
  • Beehive suitable for production;

Frames cue rack:

Fairings plastic or wax;

The domes can be used indistinctly both those in wax or plastic, depending on the preference of the beekeeper.

Aspirator for royal jelly;

The vacuum cleaner has a dual functionality and for this purpose it is better to use two different: one for the suction of the larvae and another for the aspiration of the royal jelly. It aspires after 72 hours dall'innesto only then, in fact, otterà maximum of royal jelly


It 'tool that has revolutionized the production to large levels before it existed Seize the larvae made with goose down, then metal, it is imported directly from China and consists of a flexible strip which falls on a piston wood suitably shaped.

For translarvare just enter picking you up at the bottom of the cell, its blade bends automatically following the profile of the cell and taking over if larvicina (important to choose it very young, the smaller the better) and jelly in which it is immersed, the ' graft in the windshield is very simple simply insert the slat on the bottom of it and push the button to advance the piston of wood on the blade, it will push the larvicina with all the jelly in which it is immersed.

Beehive suitable for production;

Any hive is good for production: it is only important to reserve a well-defined area of production so as to confine the queen on the other side


We have designed special hives 2 or 3 compartments, called caissons for royal jelly production.

"Produce Royal Jelly is a great way to approach breeding of queens and the production of nuclei for such production are used that give bees queens usually very prone to such work, moreover, since jelly produced in the first days of life should the replacement of young bees is frequent.

You can produce from March to November, so even in the vacuum can be an excellent source of income. "

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