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History of "royal jelly"


While the honey has been known since ancient times, you have to get up in the middle of the seventeenth century to hear about royal jelly.

The first who spoke in his book "BIBLIA NATURAE" was the Dutch scientist J.SWAMMERDAN (1637-1680), who described the flavor.

Subsequently, Reaumur (1683-1757) French physicist who was responsible for the temperature range of the same name, spoke in his writings on "History of Insects", describing, too, the flavor.

In 1788, the Swiss naturalist F. HUBER (1750-1831) "baptized" with ROYAL JELLY term "the white substance and jelly that the queen bees are fed."

A century later, Perez was discovered that the product was administered to all bee larvae in the first 3 days of life. The administration continued, however, in individuals destined to become queen bees.

In 1912, the German scholar J. LANGEZ, attributed the precise origin of this secretion in the hypopharyngeal glands of nurse bees.

In Italy the production of royal jelly began in the years 1960-1965. Continued throughout the years 70-75, to disappear almost entirely, in the 80's because of the large imports of royal jelly from Asian countries (China).

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