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History and facts

Pollen is a major source of supply for the bees. Worker bees travel from flower to flower collecting pollen in special "baskets" placed on their legs. The workers collect more than they need the hive, so beekeepers have devised screens to scrape the pollen when the bees enter the hive.

Some pollens are light and dry, and to be dispersed by the wind. Other pollens are heavier and sticky and intended to stick to insects that visit the flowers. These pollen grains are microscopic as "hitchhikers" that is collected by bees to pass, and are mainly the type found in the pollen of bees. While the bees collect, carry out the task of pollinating the plants. The pollens carried by the wind are responsible for the higher pollen allergies, pollen is not sticky. In fact, regular consumption of pollen can give significant relief from allergies.

Bee pollen granules is usually sold in the least worked. The grains should be soft and pliable, and with a flowery aroma and taste and sweet, like raw honey. The characteristic flavor "flower" of the raw honey is dovto small amount of pollen in honey. A certain processing of the pollen is necessary because the pollen grains have two hard outer shells that circondanto the nutritional content. The digestive systems of bees are designed to cope with these shells, but those of humans, cats, and dogs do not. Consequently, the best producers of pollen grains break gently before impachettarli. The pollen sold in plastic bags must be kept in the refrigerator sealed containers should be refrigerated once opened. The fresh raw pollen is in fact a fresh product, and must be treated as such.

The granules can be encapsulated, pressed into tablets or chewable tablets or finely ground to be used in foods and beverages.

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