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What is Pollen

It 'sa product of bees. And 'one of the substances most' rich that nature offers us.

It 'a complete food. Has great presence of nitrogenous substances. Contains proteins and amino acids including arginine, methionine, lysine, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, hormones, antibiotics factors and mineral salts.

Used in states of fatigue, acts improving the general state of the organism.

Intellectual fights fatigue, asthenia, neurasthenia, anemia, sexual asthenia. Acts against prostatic hypertrophy.

Also used in geriatrics.

There is the potential for allergies that manifest with food intolerance, blossoming of pimples, intestinal disorders, inability to concentrate and loss of 'attention.

Effects opposite to those desired.

Treatment should be discontinued if after a few days you should notice symptoms like that.

It 'a general tonic for the body and assists in all processes of development and growth, thereby contributing both to the general well-being of the body and more specifically the development of the mammary glands of the breast.

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