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Processing of Propolis

To achieve a production of propolis more interesting is necessary to stimulate the natural tendency of the bees to propolizzare all the fissures that are harmful to the loss of heat to the possible entry of predators.

Until now the device more practical and functional for a good production of propolis is made or a special network collect propolis or a specially designed stainless steel diaphragm.

The grids for the collection of propolis are placed instead of coprifavo in times of collection of propolis by bees: spring and late summer. To increase the propolizzazione network may insert some wood shims between the grid and the roof of the beehive. In this way it will create a flow of hot air from the center of the nest upwards in the direction of the network. Hot air, which, especially in the spring, will stimulate the bees to propolizzare quickly griglia.Il frame for the collection of propolis can be left in place until all the holes will not be propolizzati.Per facilitate the detachment of propolis from the grid is necessary to place the network propolizzata in the fridge or even better in the home freezer.

After about 15-20 minutes propolis assume a glassy texture and a sharp tug will be sufficient to cause the separation. With the grid can be collected from 100 to 400 g of propolis per year per hive depending on the strength of the family, the tendency to propolizzare and type of existing vegetation.

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